Pinot with 16 months

During our last whippet walk, Daniel and Diana took some great pictures of Pinot. I am very happy how he has developed in the last months❤

IMG_6994photo: Daniel Rieder

IMG_6992photo: Daniel Rieder

29604_10201928821251353_2140696591_nphoto: Diana Albrecht-Bodnar

602388_10201928831811617_1887230184_nphoto: Diana Albrecht-Bodnar

IMG_6915photo: Daniel Rieder

IMG_7032photo: Daniel Rieder

It’s cheesy, I know, but this dog makes me so happy.

Character Study

I know, it’s been a while. A long while. A very long while since I have last posted something here. But! We are back, beware.

In the meantime, I have bothered to make a very detailed, painfully researched character study of Pinot. For all those who have wondered what living with Pinot is like, let me show you:image-6image-5image-4image-3image-2imageimage-1


An hommage to the world’s most phlegmatic dog.

Off To The Races

Pinot the sloth has debuted at the racing tracks this weekend. I don’t know exactly what made me believe that the laziest dog in the world, who more or less forms a symbiosis with my sofa, might enjoy track racing. But at least I was realistic enough to not expect too much.Foto

We gave it a shot nonetheless.

WvkPkX7IClXcxnoJc_GF5Rkq31hrKIjFH3X9Ww0qp0Y,GRpGoIhYv4hZMtFobV3LsKCLmhrrHMnwXamvNNYF1Fs,PP04Rxua1unpnZ6zgeH3FQyQmzdslBNigJ6_6APVrdYDog racing. How it should be done.

E6uL0bOIECMIljI7ajLtekqh1BIRVGxwqXOcBoge3BU,sWlgrDCeAw8hg7T2QK8899iStTjNppbOrpw-kXXFYkYDog racing. How Pinot does it.

EnKqJOrU3mlV7VvjnYILE8NIBK8sVn9iiYlilM5Z-2c,NVIxd0Qh1zE41FSTkkDszbPzbWe7_iXugYLiUP15t2ULooking like a rabbit, in the hope that Pinot figures out what this is all about. With little succes:

6Z9n6PHLoASH_3ZgjiN4bT2N5JA5OWx0wpH1VrFrkSE,D_Z66zpueDKZOrKD1VDdCBb3WFuPsMoEyWiqCHvdNnM“Weeeeee, weird rabbity thing, don’t know what to do with it, still so excited, OMGOMGOMG.”

5OIEAKgixqdlElfJDUKzMyTh9h0J7gKTnFRMfcZxnEE,Xmoqvj_Qmj3oLmOVB9X9BTsD7Itdju7-zAuohazLUnE,OYjhB4IKZHEOYOzwo50mH2i39kzB9tmEXHgdLRaLgzEMaybe I should start track racing, at least I can keep a straight line.

But the real fun was of course beside the racing track.

jdlk1pkIBsyY1A4M2Km-l3UqvXagO1t4FSdyfYsyD7w,3sDeMz5vffL3Ia0Fvr5XHnZapzxQ0Y265WZauoVAVUo“Running” makes me hungry. Omnomnomnom.

0kL6hmJXFOLPf9uAEG-aRNlqq72Ks6-aDWHAvhM4z0k,RfWYze3bzt4GT5URBV1THhQJTCcvR4ZM82M7j3osyL8After Edvard Much – The Scream.

d7xsMWj686dqbIqgCQhOIlJqNU6iBSjIdXHKOtY5yq0,tXMWKBez5WbD_MBvXWHJijaKdZqWdbRKBiDd1D8bdzE41kg VS 14kg or: Chart Polski VS Whippet

4TH0-51yVQRO1FNeIjzbhWevfAYZAEcPqbUgzPeLZ78,RsufSoRLjbJSprNx21DZynUl9tEaYLeS-f3mcr5TTs0Pheeew. 1 rabbit leg and 1/10 of the racing tracks later.

* All photos: Daniel Rsfd, all embarassing poses and expressions: myself

** Commercial dog racing is forbidden in Austria. This racing track is owned by a sighthound racing asscoiation, who do this for fun and to entertain their dogs, but not to exploit or injure them. I do not support commercial sighthound racing.

The Cool Kid

Now that summer is almost here, human is working in a 40-hour desktop job and desperately lacks some exercise, human bought a bike. Why? To cycle the 10 kilometers to work (and ride back home in the bus to avoid the uphill cycling part when going home – human didn’t turn thaaaat sporty).

But Pinot is very upset, his once so relaxed 10 kilometer walk along the Danube Canal every morning has now turned into extreme sport! And I think he swears under his (out of) breath whenever passers-y-humans exclaim “Finally someone who offers a sighthound the exercise he needs!” They really have no idea…


And Grzegorz from black&WHI(te)PPETS ‘remixed’ this picture to make it even cooler. I think one day I have to print it in poster size and frame it🙂

Mail Attachment

USO (Unidentified Swimming Object)

Is it a seal? Is it an otter? No, it’s a swimming whippet.

Today Pinot (voluntarily!) discovered the joys of swimming. It was an almost summer like day, with temperatures around 25°C, so to cool himself down, Pinot decided that he’d try swimming and I think he actually liked it.RdKAwsh0eBBCfHBg9AzLgS7R1uGZcbIv7rQ0N0T1Rhw




Mel and Daniel, with their whippet ladies Thaya and Shari, also made some fantastic pictures of Pinot, thank you so so much!




Thank you for this beautiful al-most-summer-day whippet walk!